It’s symptom swap time! (And the secret is starting to come out!!)

Well – first thing is first! I had a complete breakdown on Sunday and sobbed face down into the sofa while my husband watched in bemusement and asked me why I was crying. “I’m just SO fed up.” And I … Continue reading

Got my first midwife appointment and scan date! Woohoo!!

I am SO excited! Phoned the doctors to double check I was now definitely on the system and they said yes. So I excitedly phoned the midwife appointment line and gave them my details and woohoo appointments are booked! 😀 … Continue reading

Psychics and Secrets

Today I went along to a psychic with my friends and cousin. We’ve had it booked for over a month and ironically I originally wanted to go to see if she could tell me whether I was to focus on having kids or getting a career first. Turns out fate has already sorted it for me 😉

Don’t get me wrong – I take these things with a pinch of salt. I am not a big believer. But I wanted to see if she could tell I was expecting – lets test the “Psychic”.

So, I was first up. She chatted about a lot of things about my gran, about my mum, my husband, my career aspirations. Then she says – “don’t make any impulse buys between now and May next year. You will need the cash.”

I keep my face straight. Okay.

“You are very family orientated – I see you with girls, you will be a good mother. Do you want children?”

“Mmhmm” I say, staring at the sheet as I write everything down, being careful not to give anything away.

“…Are you pregnant now? About 5 weeks?”

Hahahaha. I actually laughed out loud, I couldn’t believe it! I have no idea how far along I am until I go to the doctors/for my scan but I must be roughly 3-5 weeks. After that she kept saying it’s a girl, I hope I am right, *turns over tarot card with woman on it* “oh look there is your wee girl!”

Will be interesting to see if she gets it right…okay I know the gender is 50/50, but i’m sure i’m only 3 weeks, maybe 4 at a push so if 5 is right I will be impressed haha!

The rest of the girls went and then it was off to a chinese buffet and then cocktails. They were all drinking mojitas from cans in the waiting room while people were getting their readings to get the party started…so I had to make up the excuse that I was hungover from the night before and could’t bare to drink. Then I had to leave early as they headed of to the cocktail bar. This is going to be tricky to hide. I almost blurted it out to my cousin in the chinese haha!

But no. It must be mine and my husbands little secret for now until the scan! Whenever that will be!!