That was a LONG week

Happy Halloween everyone!!!

Well I haven’t been on to write anything for a week now, partly because I have been very busy – spending time with the hubby and getting my Halloween costume ready haha – but MAINLY because pregnancy symptoms have hit me good!

Oh man oh man. I’m quite a lazy soul, always have been. I love my bed and I love long lie ins. I get majorly grumpy if I don’t get enough sleep. I always felt tired if I didn’t get my sleep.

But now? Oh hell I didn’t know the meaning of the word tired until now. I have never felt so sleepy in my life!! I was at the in laws for dinner and by half six I had barely finished my rice pudding when my head was on the table and I was almost napping. Very subtle when trying to hide a pregnancy..

Forcing myself to go to bed around ten every night seems to be helping (I’m a night owl, usually I’m lucky to see my bed before midnight). But I am still sleepy all day, just feeling completely exhausted tbh!

And then there is the morning sickness. Oh you pesky little thing! You hear the horror stories but man oh man it is constant nausea, I don’t want to eat force something down and it heals you for about an hour if you are lucky and then oh boy here goes the nausea again. On Monday I was physically sick for the first time. Which I was weirdly proud about hahaha, it means I am definitely pregnant you know? Haha! I haven’t been physically sick since but it’s a constant struggle with food right now!

On the plus side today marks the start of my seventh week! (Again this is still a guess as I haven’t seen a health professional yet). Not long until first trimester is over and we can start telling people! Getting there!

Got my forms through yesterday detailing my appointment times to see the midwife and for my first scan – they can’t come quick enough honestly! 19 days until midwife!! 🙂 and maybe she will try let me hear the heartbeat!

But for now I must prepare for the Halloween party tomorrow night in which I must pretend I am drinking and must not fall asleep before 7pm…