It’s been an eventful month! :D

Wow – can’t believe I haven’t done a post in a month!

There has been so much going on what with telling everyone we are pregnant, going to the midwife, getting the first scan!! But also I’ve just been resting up and trying to take it easy. Need as much rest as I can in these early days!

So where to begin??


I was so nervous about the first scan. I had all the symptoms, the positive tests..we had told pretty much everybody in the family and lots of close friends. So what if something was wrong? You always hear that you should wait until the first scan is over before you tell people so I was worried that we shouldn’t have told anyone. But at the end of the day, I was stressed out and upset about keeping this massive secret from the people we love and if anything was wrong we would need and want their support anyway.

I am prone to over analysing. Hubby was just beyond excited! Haha!

So after reading the time wrong and realising the scan was actually half an hour earlier than scheduled – cue a very grumpy hubby and me panic drinking the water I was supposed to have to ensure a full bladder…we ran down to the hospital.

Got there in good time but we were the last couple to be seen. I was excitedly chatting in the waiting room with hubby when we got called in 20 minutes later.

A lovely Irish lady greeted us (the first midwife I saw was also Irish…seems to be a theme for this pregnancy so far haha!) and got me to pop up on the bed and turned the lights off. The screen was in front of me for me and hubby to look out for baby.

The irish sonographer said – “I might not talk for a while, it’s just so I can try find baby” She popped the gel on my belly, put the device on me and straight away – up popped baby!

I can barely describe the feeling I got when it appeared on the screen. Hubby and I both gasped. For the first time it finally felt real. There is a baby inside me! It has all of its tiny little features all formed – we could see its ears, eyes, arms, legs, feet and its little heart beating away. I was terrified that my eating junk food all the time may have affected it but there it was – perfect!

The sonographer pointed all the features out to us, said everything looked great – she even commented on how my placenta was in perfect position on the back wall of my womb and that my ovaries were coming up really clear on-screen which you don’t usually see haha!

Now to one of the most important aspects of the scan – dating the baby.

Baby was not for playing haha. Baby was all curled up and quite comfy and did not want to straighten out to get crown-rump measurements. Sonographer prodded the womb a few times which made baby jump…but not long enough to stay straight haha.

We tried lots of different things: I emptied my bladder, I jumped on the spot, I lifted my bum and dropped it on the bed a few times, I propped onto my left side and shook my hips..that ended up turning baby upside down!

So…STILL no idea when baby is due! Although, the sonographer managed to get a measurement which came up as 13+5! I thought I was only 12 +3 at the scan, so that is a massive leap forward – woo hoo! I am going back for a scan on Christmas Eve so they can try work out the date from babies head. I love that I can see baby again on Christmas Eve!

Here’s a couple of pictures we got from the scan. Unfortunately these ones are after we had been moving baby about so it isn’t lying very well. I can assure you it has legs and arms though! hahah

10428563_874408002584148_3815094858723282599_n (1)1470032_826321410723287_5184436920205007056_n

The second picture is baby upside down in my womb but the sonographer flipped the photo for us..I thought it was funny the other way haha! Shows my little cheeky monkey misbehaving!


Sickness seems to be a thing of the past for now thank goodness. If the sonographer is right I am now in the second trimester which is just wonderful! Bye bye 1st trimester and morning sickness!

Starting to get heartburn and some light headaches. Still absolutely exhausted at points, getting out of bed for work in the morning is a real struggle (not sure if that is due to the dark mornings though..I’ve always found those hard!)

Pain in the bum and lower back is going strong – thank you pelvis hah! I love walking like John Wayne after I have struggled to get out of a chair!

Nights are restless, keep waking up when I turn over in bed and I am getting really sore hips at night when I lie on my side.

Stomach is definitely growing, it’s starting to get quite tight now too!


Appetite is back which is wonderful. I feel like I am discovering food for the first time, I am savouring every last bite! Also food I hated before is appealing – tomatoes and rye crackers are two surprise additions to my menu haha!

Completely disgusted at the thought of pizza. Hilarious if you knew the amount of pizza I go through usually. I’m afraid my local Papa John’s will go out of business during my pregnancy…

As I mentioned before junk food is a bad addiction of mine and I have been eating it throughout first trimester to help with sickness. Well, so far since seeing baby on Monday I have not touched it. Something about seeing the little one on-screen has kicked me into gear and made me realise how much of an effect I have on it. No more Cola for sure!

(Famous last words I’ll bet…)


Peoples reactions to my pregnancy have been brilliant! Everyone is ecstatic for us and keep saying how wonderful we will be as parents. I think it is because we are big kids ourselves, our living room is full of our toys already ahem…


I guess now the cat is out of the bag I am safe to introduce myself! 😀

My name is Kayleigh, I am a 26-year-old Internet Sales Supervisor for a well-known pawn shop. I have a degree in Human anatomy, I also had a shot at midwifery when I left school. Did it for eight months but left to do my science degree instead as I was more interested in the science behind it rather than the caring aspect…cos i’m heartless…lmao..I kid I kid!!

I’m hoping one day to have a job in a lab, in particular I want to get a training position as an embryologist and I have been working towards that for many years now. I actually got an interview for a lab position when I found out I was pregnant, but had to turn down. Upsetting, but I need the security and maternity pay so my current job in retail will have to do for now! Baby first, then career for me! I’m still young! 😀

My wonderful husband, whom I married in August this year (yes I know, we didn’t wait around long to make babies haha), is Dougie. He is a bartender for a well-known chain. We like our well-known places we do haha.

He has been wanting to be a Dad for as long as I have known him and I am ecstatic that I am making his dream come true for him. He is a natural with children and he will be an incredible father.

Anyway, that’s me for now. I leave you with the knocked up picture that I promised last post – the one that we used to tell my mum we were pregnant haha

movie 5

Much love

Kayleigh x


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