It’s symptom swap time! (And the secret is starting to come out!!)

Well – first thing is first! I had a complete breakdown on Sunday and sobbed face down into the sofa while my husband watched in bemusement and asked me why I was crying.

“I’m just SO fed up.”

And I was, I was fed up of feeling tired, fed up of feeling sick, in general I was fed up being pregnant (oh lord, its only been 8 weeks as well haha).

But most of all I am so fed up of keeping the secret from our parents. I wanted the truth out.

As I said – I’m eight weeks now, so I felt that now was a good time to announce it. I had this wonderful idea that I would wait until I had the scan picture at 12 weeks and I would reveal it in a interesting and fun way. But sack that – I ain’t waiting another 4 weeks. Every single day is a drag for me just now – I needed the excitement back and pronto!

So Sunday night – we decided to tell my mum.

After texting her for a good half hour trying to subtly convince her to come visit me we finally got her to come by saying we were bored and wanted to go to the cinema.

We then got creative and hubby superimposed our faces onto the “Knocked Up” film poster. We thought it was funny haha. We then showed it to my mum and her partner when they got in and said “Oh I think this film looks good for tonight!”…and they didn’t get it hahaha! They laughed at the picture but didn’t know what we were getting at until my hubby pushed them a little hahahaha!


Then last night we told hubbies mum and dad. Hubby was acting like a caged lion, all stressed out about telling them. And his mum sensed something was up with him so he just went – “Do you guys prefer Gran and Grandpa or Nan and Papa?”


So yes – parents are now in the loop. It’s good to have the extra support. But also has stressed us both out…now it feels a lot more real and that there are a lot more emotions at stake. But I shared this worry with my mum and she told me not to worry myself – I need to not get stressed by such things and just look after myself.

See? It’s good having a large support system 🙂

On the symptom side of things – morning/noon/night sickness seems to have definitely calmed down *touch wood*. As long as I eat little and often I seem to only feel lightly queasy now. Which is wonderful. Tiredness doesn’t seem to be hitting me tonight so that is also WONDERFUL – long may it stay away (it won’t, I know lol)

On the negative side – we have a new symptom ladies and gents to replace the others. BACKPAIN. Oh man alive does it hurt. It started last night and it is just a constant shooting pain all the way down my back and across my buttocks and upper thighs. Why the butt? WHY? hahaha

I’d upload the knocked up picture for a laugh but I still want to stay relatively anonymous for now! 😉


2 thoughts on “It’s symptom swap time! (And the secret is starting to come out!!)

  1. Yay! My husband has been driving me crazy on how we are gonna tell our family. We were gonna wait till I was 14 weeks around Christmas to tell everyone but we both can’t take it any longer.. Best of luck!!


  2. Yay for announcing! Congrats on your pregnancy. Can’t wait to see the announcement photo…sure it’s pretty funny. Those symptoms can be a real pain that’s for sure. Hope it gets better for you. I’ve recently started blogging about my pregnancy over on I followed you so hopefully you can do the same. I look forward to reading more of your posts 🙂


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