A Birth Story

Absolutely loved reading this. The thought of c-sections scare the bejeezes out of me (I saw one when I was a student and yeh, no thanks hahaha) but I enjoyed reading from the mums perspective.

Also it has gave me something to read in bed..which I have been in since half seven this evening because I cannot cope with this tiredness anymore!! Work is an absolute chore, in general being awake is a bloody chore. I just want to breakdown and cry with exhaustion. I’m getting ten hours a night as well. Don’t think there is really anything else to do except put up and shut up 😦

Hubbie just made me a decaf tea, so I will relax with that and then sleep. For ten hours. And then wake up at 8am feeling like I’ve only had two hours…


Meaghan O’Connell | Longreads | Nov. 6, 2014 | 57 minutes (14,248 words)

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It was Monday, June 2nd, and I was wide awake at 6 a.m. Maybe to some of you this hour doesn’t sound remarkable, but for me it was. It was the first day in a lifetime of six in the mornings, and I made the three-hour leap all in one go.

By this point, it was 10 days past my due date, and I had a very specific and recurring fantasy of being moved around town in a hammock flown by a helicopter. I wanted to be airlifted between boroughs.

When I told my fiancé, Dustin, this wish, he was quiet for a second. He had learned to reply to me with caution, but I imagine in this case he just couldn’t help himself.

“Like a whale?” he asked.

I laughed…

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