Got my first midwife appointment and scan date! Woohoo!!

I am SO excited! Phoned the doctors to double check I was now definitely on the system and they said yes. So I excitedly phoned the midwife appointment line and gave them my details and woohoo appointments are booked! 😀


First meeting with midwife – 19th November

First scan – 8th December

At first I was a bit taken aback about the scan date – DECEMBER?? That’s AGES away!! 😦 But I should be about 12 weeks by then (I think…lol) so I guess it is pretty good timing. And the baby will be a wonderful size by then and should be taking shape!

Husband is putting in for a day off work. I freaked out because he is going to have to tell his work why he needs it off (December holidays are frowned upon in most places!) and he says he is sure his boss will be very discrete and also he needs to make sure he gets it off as he isn’t missing the first chance to see our child.

D’awwww how cute is my hubby? It makes me quite emotional thinking about it…and I am not an emotional person. I am a rock haha. Damn you pregnancy hormones making me all girly and weepy! 😛

So now comes the long three week wait until I see my midwife. I’ve known about this pregnancy for over a week now and man alive it has been a LONG week. The symptoms are starting to come…slowly but surely. Today marks the start of week 6 (again..I’m not sure how spot on this is but if psychics are to be believed….) and with week 6 comes morning sickness apparently.

I have been nauseous for the past week or so but today I was all shivery and couldn’t bare to eat anything. I tried to make myself sick in the toilet to get some sort of relief but nothing. 😦 It tends to hit me around 10-11 am and goes away by the afternoon but it makes me feel horrible and today I felt a bit weepy. Not good when you are in work and trying to act normal. I held it in though! (Me = rock…remember?)

Other symptoms? Well boobs are a bit hard but not really sore, I am a bit more aware of them but I don’t know if that’s because I’m expecting them to be different haha. Cramps are still hitting me a lot and still freaking me out even though I keep reminding myself that of course I am cramping, there is a lot going on in that uterus of mines! The only other thing that I seem to be getting is a serious case of wind haha! I read that it is to do with the increase in progesterone (the pregnancy hormone) which slows down your metabolism, which in turn means food is taking longer to digest, gas builds up – leads to me farting like a trooper. Not going to be my sexiest year I can tell…

So, it looks like my poor family will be in the dark until December. I hope the weeks speed up and it will be here before we know it, but I think the next 6 weeks will be a slow drag filled with me weeping, puking and farting. Ahhh reproduction – the most beautiful process in the world…. 😉


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