Party pooper

Turns out hiding a pregnancy is actually quite hard this time of year – EVERYONE wants to go out drinking!

I’ve got a halloween party, engagement party, all day wedding, bridal shower and now my boss just announced today that as a treat he will take us all out for drinks at the end of the month. ARGGHHH!!

My options are:
* don’t show up (this will just lead to moaning and questions)

* say I’m on antibiotics (then make up some hideously embarrassing disease so they stop asking about it)

* pretend I’m drinking and subtlely buy non-alcoholic drinks (hard when the boss will be buying the drinks)

* say I don’t want to drink (yeah..they won’t believe that…)

* order a bottle, keep going to the loo with it and pour it out bit by bit?
I don’t think I’m going to be able to do this someone is gonna guess!!

How easy do you think it will be to hide Ribena in a Kopparberg bottle…?


4 thoughts on “Party pooper

  1. I’m dealing with the same thing! Last time my friends wanted to drink they came over to my house. I pour my beer can down the sink, filled it with water, and just pretended to drink that all night. This weekend I’m going to Nashville with some of my girlfriends who I’m not ready to tell yet since it’s so early and I’m trying to think of a way to excuse my non drinking this trip..I think I’ve mostly settled on the horrible antibiotic excuse like you mentioned. Hopefully that will be that. :]


    • Yeah I’m just concerned that if I go “Oh I’m not drinking I’m on antibiotics” that they will not believe me and they will go – you are totally pregnant aren’t you! It doesn’t help that everyone is WAITING for me to get pregnant because I’m a newlywed and that’s to be expected hahaha.

      Apparently they are correct lol!

      I’m going to try pouring out and replacing with water – that’s a good plan! I’ll just make sure I have drinks that are in cans or dark bottles 🙂

      Fingers crossed we can ninja our way through this!! haha


  2. I used the antibiotic excuse during early pregnancy at a friends party and no one batted an eyelid! I told them I had an infected ingrowing toe nail and even put a bandage on it haha! I soon found I was running out of excuses as we had a lot of parties around that time as well so we ended up cancelling a few of them. One thing that made it easier for me was telling my best friend when I was about 8 weeks, I couldn’t keep it from her because we are so close (she could tell somehow, before I even told her!) It made it so much easier keeping it a secret when we we’re all with friends! We’d go to the kitchen together and make a drink that looked alcoholic, or she would buy my drinks for me at the bar (lemonade in a small glass so that it looked like vodka!). Don’t worry though, you’ll hit the 12 week mark before you know it then you can shout it from the roof tops! Enjoy this time, while only you and your husband know about your baby, I found it a very intimate and special time for the two of us, our little secret 🙂


    • Aw thank you! I was at the Halloween party last night, my poor husband tried to drink all the drinks my mum gave me but eventually I said I was feeling a bit ill and wasn’t up for drinking anymore. Mainly just to save his hangover haha! A few people were moaning that I wasn’t being the life and soul of the party as usual (honestly you’d think I was a drunkard the way they were going on hahaha) and my mum through a drunken haze asked my husband why I wasn’t drinking and if I was pregnant…uh oh busted! but we just laughed it off and she seemed to forget she said it!

      I think I’m just going to avoid the parties for the next month and pretend I’m saving for xmas! Just over a month and we can finally tell everyone!! 😀

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