Lets get ready to ‘Apple’ crumble!

Woo hoo! I have a doctors!

Since moving to the city 8 months ago I haven’t registered with a local doctors surgery yet and obviously it is a bit more urgent now that I am “with child” (ooo how weird to type that haha!). So yey I have one!

So feeling all organised and accomplished I asked the lady at reception: “How soon can I make an appointment?”

In about two days, maybe tomorrow afternoon, she replied.

“Okay, it’s just I recently found out I was pregnant so I don’t know whether to see a doctor this early or not…”

Oh no, you don’t even have to see a doctor! She pointed out a poster on the wall of a midwife with a local number for me to call so I can arrange my first appointment.

I am so annoyed with myself – how many times did I glance at those posters when I was at the doctors for unrelated things? I used to be a midwife for crying out loud! (Okay student midwife…and I only lasted 8 months..)

Anyway, all excited I rush home to phone and make my eagerly awaited first appointment and of course, I am not on the system yet. Le sigh.

I said I would phone back on Friday, the woman on the phone suggested maybe Monday instead. So I will phone Friday. LOL.

It is because I can’t cope with this waiting about, I NEED to talk to a midwife, I NEED reassurance, I NEED my first scan over with so I know everything is okay, that I am not making all this up (okay unlikely seeing as I have no period, six positive tests and all day ‘morning’ sickness). And most of all I NEED TO TELL PEOPLE! I cannot cope with keeping secrets from my immediate family. I tell them everything!

I went to lunch today with my mum, aunt and cousin and I told them a story about how I couldn’t find Apple Crumble in the shops last week so I went home and cried about it (yes actual tears…over a pie) and I said “Oh it was cos I was on my period, silly hormones!”

No, it was because I am pregnant. Pregnant, hormonal and emotionally distraught because no one could supply me with Apple Crumble. Which I hate btw! I detest apple crumble, I think it tastes disgusting. But there I was, in the kitchen sobbing into my custard because I had no crumble to have with it and then I moaned at my husband and in my head angrily blamed him for not providing me with it. Poor guy.

And then, we go shopping and my mum and I finish early and go wait by my aunts car while they finish. And my mum sparks up a cigarette while talking to me. I try not to react differently than I usually would – so while talking I slowly back away from her….and she slowly follows me. I end up nearly circling the whole car to get away from her.

I NEED that scan.


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