It’s all gravy…

Today I realised I have my first pregnancy craving – GRAVY. I have had it four nights in a row and tonight I made extra and ate it out of the bowl…not good haha! I was eating brilliantly all day and feeling very proud of myself – “I WILL NOT put on lots of weight during this pregnancy!” Five hours later I’m drinking gravy out of a bowl. Oh well! Hahahaha!

I read something today – total old wives tale but still amusing – that says if you crave savoury things you are having a boy and if you crave sweet things its a girl. Hilarious but makes me a bit chuffed to rub in my husbands face that we are totally having a boy if that is true (for the record I’m TEAM SON and he is TEAM DAUGHTER).

I can’t believe that cravings kick in this soon though! I thought it was in the later stages of pregnancy. But I guess a craving is just your changing body/growing baby telling you what nutrients it needs. What nutrients you get from gravy…I have NO idea! 😛

I am loving me some carrots right now. Carrots dipped in houmous is the bomb, good when you feel a bit peckish! And orange juice (which I usually hate!) is like instant medicine, makes me feel so refreshed and gets rid of any nausea!


Tomorrow hubby is meeting up with his brother I think…so I will spend the entire day worrying that he will blab. It’s going to be a test for him that’s for sure.

There is one person I am desperate to tell and that is my mum. It breaks my heart that I can’t tell her because I know she is needing something to look forward to right now and this would really make her happy. Hopefully I will get an appointment sorted soon with the doctor and I can finally let her know the good news 🙂


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