The positive tests and the negative thoughts

Why are digital tests so rubbish?

I decided I needed to take a picture of my tests for memory sakes and the results of the digital ones have disappeared already. How unfair haha!

Oh well, the good old cheapy ones still have the results on it at least! 😀


And I have an old picture on my phone of one of the digital Clear Blue ones


I took that in the toilets of a shopping centre haha. Pregnancy testing in public loos – stay classy K! 😛

It actually eventually said 3+ on it as it’s one of those tests that dates your pregnancy. I also keep using those “Work out your due date” things on pregnancy sites based on the first day of your last period and if I’m right it says my due date is 19th June 2015 and I am..wait for it….5 weeks pregnant.

If that psychic turns out to be right (see previous post!) I will be recommending her to EVERYONE hahaha.

So far feeling great, a bit tired and a few cramps here and there but still pretty much asymptomatic. I keep reading pregnancy forums and seeing stuff that freaks me out such as doctors don’t want to see you before 11 weeks because the chance of miscarriage is so high before then. I mean..I know that already thanks to my degree (human anatomy with a large focus on reproduction) and my small stint as a student midwife but jeezo it isn’t half terrifying when you find yourself pregnant. For someone that wasn’t sure if she was ready for kids yet I sure am terrified about losing this one already. Thankfully I have my husband to share my fears with and he’s being good so far. He made a sausage sandwich last night and I gazed lovingly at it until he tore a bit off for me haha. Impressive if you know how bad my hubbie is at sharing his food!

2 thoughts on “The positive tests and the negative thoughts

  1. oh my I’m so happy to find your blog. I just found out I’m pregnant as well. 6 weeks two days today. Due date June 13th 2015 so very very close to you. My doctor is having me come in for my first ultrasound this Friday when i’ll be 6 weeks 6 days. I’m nervous because we are supposed to be looking for a heart beat that I’m uber freaked out. I haven’t told my husband yet..not that he won’t be thrilled but I don’t think I’ve fully processed it myself yet. doesn’t seem real…I have almost no pregnancy symptoms at all. tender breasts but that’s it. it freaks me out to read all these other moms to be having all these full blown symptoms already and I have zip! can’t wait to read more about your pregnancy experience. :]

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    • Aw thank you that is so nice of you to say! I was hoping I could build up a support system here rather than it just being me talking away to myself so I appreciate that!! 😀
      Oh that is so exciting! That might mean I can try get my first ultrasound soon too! I’m going to try get to the doctors this week to try make an appointment! Let me know how you get on!
      I know that feeling all to well, it just doesn’t feel real at all, I don’t think it will until I see the scan! I had to tell my husband as I just couldn’t keep it to myself as I was so panicky and needed to talk to someone! But now I’m scared he’ll let slip to someone as he is so excited haha, I keep reminding him to keep his trap shut until we are at least 8 weeks! hahaha

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