Coming Summer 2015…

I’m a 26 year old Internet Sales Manager and I live in Glasgow with my husband. He has been desperate to be a dad pretty much since we met 6 years ago! I was always a bit more wary and wanting to be fully prepared – good career, great house, a bit of money behind us – is there really such a thing as being fully prepared for a baby though??

We decided just to go with the flow and see what happens, a couple of months after we were married I was feeling quite quesy and had a bad bit of heartburn. Decided to do a pregnancy test just in case, I was only a couple of days late and the tests have always been negative. I couldn’t believe my surprise when I turned around to see a positive result on the test. I was even more surprised by my reaction. I was giggling and beaming!

I had to decide how to tell my husband. I bought a little baby t-shirt with a space monkey on it. Something that would appeal to his childish nature haha! And I bought a gift box big enough to fit one of my pregnancy tests (by the time I was giving him the gift I had six to chose from!). I let him open the gift and after convincing him I was not pranking him he jumped for joy and gave me a massive hug!

Now we are at the excited but terrified early stage with so many questions and worries:

  • Are we definitely pregnant? Can you get so many false positives?
  • How far along are we?
  • Is the pregnancy going to last the scary first eight weeks?
  • What on earth can I eat??
  • What exactly is folic acid anyway??

So this blog is to record our journey towards becoming parents for the first time! I think it will all become a bit more real once we get to our first doctors appointment within the next few weeks!

So feel free to say hi, leave me a comment, email me, send me a calming message haha; I’d love to hear from you!!

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